Jessica ‘next geleration’ polishes

Shellac style gel polish using the award winning Jessica GELeration products, specifi cally designed to care for your natural nails.

luxury gel manicure£46.5060mins

luxury gel pedicure£46.5060mins

soak off, file & oil£17.00

soak off & re-apply gel£54.00

…and for an ideal post gel treatment

soak off & luxury manicure£43.00

soak off & luxury pedicure£53.00

luxury jessica manicure£31.0045mins

luxury jessica pedicure£41.0045mins

polish change£19.0015mins

specialist hard skin treatment

including luxury pedicure£50.0060mins

Please remember to bring suitable footwear that will allow your toenails a minimum of two hours to dry.

Prices as at 04/06/18