Eyes & Lashes

eyelash tint* £24.00
eyelash tint* with a facial mask £22.00
eyebrow tint £18.00
eyebrow shape £20.00
eyebrow shape and tint £29.00
lash and brow tint £30.00
eye revive package £47.00

eyebrow shape, lash and brow tint

GDL lash lift* £72.00

Unlike lash perming that curls the lashes, this treatment lifts and extends your own lashes,straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect (includes a lash tint).

*(please book in for a patch test if this is your first treatment)

Semi-permanent makeup

Microblading Eyebrows £350.00
Ombre Powder Brows £400.00
Combination Brows £420.00
Eyebrow Colour Boost £210.00
Lip Blush £450.00
Lip Blush Colour Boost £210.00